Hi, my name is Elisha Nadene. 

I have dedicated my life to capturing the beauty of the world, and I'd love to share my passion with you.

My style of photography includes creating high-energy images with bold shapes and colours, and I have received International awards and recognition for my work.

Having a Masters Degree in Architecture and working with design and graphics for over 16 years, allows me to balance photographs to create powerful images within a framework. 

I have travelled widely throughout the world and my camera is an extension of my being. As such, I have an extensive library of images to show you. Alternatively, I can select or create a perfect image just for your space.

I invite you to view my portfolio.

Contact me to find out more about how I can select, customise, personalise or create a beautiful and inspirational image just for you, to enhance any public or private space.

Check out my